5 Marketing Models for Jobseekers

Written by Matt Cavanaugh
Graphic Design by Ian McDaniel

A marketing model

When marketing yourself as a job seeker, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of it all. Like big companies spending millions on Super Bowl ads, you will need to advertise yourself to find your dream job. Since buying a SuperBowl commercial may not be the most feasible idea, let’s start on a smaller scale. Here are five internet marketing strategies you can apply to market yourself as a job seeker.

The Manufacturer's Direct Model

Many companies find immense success in selling parts directly to customers, cutting out the middleman. You could buy a computer for $1,000, or you could buy the individual parts and get the same product for hundreds less. This method of cutting out the middleman is crucial in marketing yourself as a job seeker. One way for you to cut out that middleman is to interact with the company on Linkedin and other similar platforms. By creating a connection with a company on social media, you will mark yourself on their radar. From there, you would have a much better chance at setting up a meeting than you would through filling out an online application. For more information on why you should avoid online applications, check out this article.

The Subscription or Utility Model

Throughout the quarantine, we all spent a little too much time on streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. However, after watching The Office for the 3rd time, it’s time to get back to work. Now there are dozens of streaming services, and it’s almost impossible to find the right one. These sites have had to advertise what makes them unique in an oversaturated market. Think of yourself as one of these streaming services when job hunting. Career hunting can be very competitive, and you need to know how to market your individual strengths to get ahead of the rest. Much like those streaming sites, think of the assets you have to offer. A professional LinkedIn profile can do wonders towards selling yourself to companies. If you are unsure how to spruce up your LinkedIn, then take a look at our guide right here. You’ve got great things to offer to your potential employers, and it’s only a matter of showing them what they’re missing!

The Community Model

While many marketing techniques may sound complicated, there’s one simple technique that could be just what you need: ask around! Some of the strongest connections you have are in your community. You’ve spent your whole life meeting friends and family who would love to help you out. If you’re looking for a job in a certain field, tell friends and family about it! Someone’s bound to have a connection or idea that could point you in the right direction. You’ve been making connections your whole life, and one could lead you to the perfect career.

The Infomediary or Affiliate Model

Many online retailers will recommend products based on the products you look at. This web of products helps sell everything related and boosts the general market. You are doing the exact same thing by developing a Linkedin professional network. Instead of products, you are recommending members of your network, and they’re doing the same for you. Say someone in your network has a great job in your field. They might recommend you for the job. Then one day, you would be able to recommend someone else, and so on. Creating a strong network will make job hunting much easier—  not only for you but also for those in your network.

The I2M Model

I2M, or Integrated Internet Marketing, is the idea of transforming marketing practices to best utilize the internet. By meeting customers online, companies are able to create a consistent brand image. They can then sell this image to both consumers and shareholders. While I2M may be the most technically complicated, it’s also a method you’ve been using for years. Creating a consistent brand across your social media presence on Linkedin, Facebook, etc., can be a great way to market yourself online. Having a consistent social media presence can create a clear picture for any potential employers. For this method to be successful, you will need to be intentional with your social media usage. You could have a professional Linkedin and resume and think you are in the clear. However, if your other social media is less professional, you could be sending a mixed message to potential employers. By keeping your social media presence intentional and professional, anywhere an employer looks, they’ll see you and think, “We got a good one here.”

Go forth and conquer just like the big wigs do

Huge companies are no longer the only ones to use the internet in their favor. The internet is a massive tool and once you learn how to use it, finding your dream job will only be a few clicks away! Use the five internet marketing models above to your advantage as an individual job seeker, and your career will be stronger for it.

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