6 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Written by Dana Langston
Edited by Heather Gilmer

Graphic Design by Amber Paschke & Turner Harbert
Two people quit.

Jobs. Those weird little things that you either have or you need but don’t necessarily want. Although job satisfaction rates have increased in the last decade, many workers are still unhappy spending so much precious time at their jobs. And yet, they chose to put up with them because, hey, cash is king!

But what about when you have that genuine and sometimes scary thought: “Should I quit my job?” You might initially flush this thought down the pipes of your overworked brain and think, “I just need the weekend, some time off, a break.”  

When is a break not enough? When does the thought of quitting need to come back up the pipe? Knowing when to quit your job is never easy, but don’t worry! As part of The Employee Revolution, we cater to make this decision easier for you. Here, we highlight six signs when quitting your job may be the best thing you could do for yourself!

1. Vanished Passion

You have come to realize you hate what you do for a living. You’re not alone, especially since COVID has changed every aspect of our lives. Consider the work environment. It’s completely normal to want to work from home than be stuck in a dull office. Do you daydream of pursuing a different career path? If the job doesn’t fulfill your passion and give you a true sense of purpose, you need to find one that does! Ask yourself, “Am I happy getting out of bed to go to work each morning?” It’s time to go if the answer is no!

2. Culture Clash

With each workday that passes by, you realize you don’t fit in. Maybe your boss does sunrise yoga, chugs açai powder, and beams with energy before the rest of the world has woken up. Meanwhile, you drag in at 9 am with bags under your eyes and feel like you’ll fall asleep at your desk at any moment. 

Culture clashes aren’t uncommon in the workplace. But the good news is you can learn to avoid them in your next job by aligning yourself with target companies!

3. Disrespecting Your Boss

Not everyone gets along with their boss. However, if you find yourself disrespecting them, there is a good chance that they are or will start disrespecting you. Think of it as a marriage. Once someone starts feeling disrespected, contempt will come, then divorce court! Having respect for others is a big part of being professional. You’re also more inclined to enjoy working for someone you respect. So, if you’re finding that difficult to do, don’t waste another minute!

this man may quit

4. Underrated and Underestimated

You’re stuck in a job with little or no chance to progress, and it’s become clear that management likes you where you are. They don’t see your potential and rarely show appreciation for your diligence. Don’t let them discourage you! You’ve got a lot to offer and deserve to work a job where you are valued. Otherwise, you risk losing every ounce of motivation to be successful at your job.

5. Progression Regression

When you first started at your job, you were doing so well. But unfortunately, it has been a downhill slide ever since. Despite trying your hardest, you have not made much progress. Perhaps you’ve lost interest in the job, or you’re dealing with personal matters. These are valid reasons. After all, you can’t repeat the same action multiple times and expect a different outcome. It’s like bathing a cat. Each time you do it, you’ll wind up exhausted and scratched!

6. Crummy Company Future

Bad news! Your industry is changing, but your company is not. Perhaps they are stuck in their ways, which means they are unwilling to open the door to new possibilities. And why should they? They have a proven successful formula, and they don’t see why it won’t work in the future. 

A young company might also think they have an “innovative” or “revolutionary” business model, but you know that’s not true. The company won’t survive unless they change their ways soon. Unfortunately, despite your efforts to warn them, they’ve refused to listen. So, get out now before they crash with you!

Closing the door on an opportunity can be scary, but don’t go into the world with a face of fear! Instead, go with excitement because you’re on your next big adventure! Now that The Employee Revolution is here, new doors will open and lead you to a job that you love. Remember, a stable income is crucial, and so is your happiness! For more excellent career advice, please check out our blog

Have a Super Day!