How To Ask For A Perfect LinkedIn Recommendation

Written by Cristina Henriques
Graphic Design by Gabriella Zanayed

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Your LinkedIn page showcases your many skills and talents. Your LinkedIn profile is a significant part of your career, primarily as you hunt for jobs. It serves as a sort of online resume and portfolio. And when employers (or networkers) view your page, they judge it within seconds. Having the right ingredients in your LinkedIn-profile-pie will get them to reach out to you! This blog will show you the recipe for getting quality LinkedIn recommendations. 

You have to think of your LinkedIn profile as the perfect recipe for your career success. One missing ingredient, and it won’t give your profile the attraction it needs. A good recipe draws people in with exciting ingredients, fun flavors, and good reviews. In this case, this would be your skills, experience, and recommendations. So how do you ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn? Let’s get into it.

What makes having a Linkedin recommendation so important?

A resume affirms your talents, skills and accomplishments. But what does a resume usually not include that a LinkedIn profile does? Recommendations!

Recommendations help employers understand what a great asset you are to work with. When it comes to job searches, recommendations can increase your odds of being hired. Particularly if a hiring manger is stuck choosing between you and another potential hire. They can also help you when you are going for promotions. But there’s an art to getting worthwhile recommendations. You must know who to ask and how to go about it.

Who should you ask?

Consider your colleagues, former coworkers, bosses, and professors. Vendors and clients are also a good option. The idea is to ask those who can objectively review your qualities, work habits and the impact you’ve had in the workplace. Avoid asking mom or dad. (Trust me, this won’t hold much weight.) But a recommendation from those you have worked with can go a long way.

When trying to ask for a recommendation, it may be hard to talk about yourself at first. Asking people to write a glowing review about your wonderful qualities can feel a bit awkward. But fear not! Below are some easy-to-follow steps on how to ask. And if you aren’t sure how to talk about yourself in general, it can help to build your personal brand. These fantastic tips on how to build your brand can help you get started.

How do you ask?

You want to ask for a recommendation as if you are giving a recommendation. Start by giving them a glowing review, so they feel more inclined to provide you with a glowing review. It’s like the old saying, and I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Here are the 4 steps to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation:

  • Step 1. Talk about how you enjoyed working with this person in your message or even phone call (does anybody still call people though?). For example, get into detail about how working with them changed you.
  • Step 2. State how long you have worked together. You don’t have to go into too much detail when it comes to this step, but it’s an essential piece to this puzzle.
  • Step 3. Ask the person if they would be comfortable highlighting specific traits and skills about you as a worker. It can help strengthen the recommendation if the person is willing to talk about a project you worked on together. Or performance resultsmaybe you boosted sales in Q4 by 52 percent!
  • Step 4. Finally, State your gratitude and respect. This is an excellent way for you to state how much this person has guided you and helped you on your path to success. 

Example of a LinkedIn recommendation request

Dear (Connection’s Name),

I am so happy that I could work with someone as (state at least 3 qualities for example) intelligent, hardworking, and charismatic as you. (Try not to praise this person too much; this could sound inauthentic or just like a kiss-up.) Over the 5 years we worked together at (company), I learned (give a few details about what you have learned). I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with you!

I wondered if you would feel comfortable recommending me on LinkedIn. I am hoping you can provide feedback on my ability to (state the skills you want this person to talk about). 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. I appreciate you and look forward to hearing what you have to say.


[Your Name]

An example of a glowing LinkedIn recommendation for Cristina, a writer at Super Purposes, by Idunn Wolfe.

What next?

As you receive recommendations, check them over and take these two extra steps:

  • Quality LinkedIn recommendations include specific details about what you do well. If a recommendation you receive is vague and says something like you’re a ‘great manager,’ thank the person for their review but make a mental note to prioritize showing more detailed recommendations on your profile.
  • Send a thank-you note to the person that gave you the recommendation, and consider writing them one in return. 

By doing those couple of extra things after receiving the recommendation, you ensure the person feels appreciated. And by keeping in mind which reviews have higher quality (and therefore greater power of persuasion) you can decide on whether you need to ask for recommendations from others. When deciding to show or omit certain recommendations from your page, LinkedIn has a guide on how to do so here.

Ask away until you have multiple LinkedIn recommendations

Be brave, be bold and ask for that recommendation. Everything you need to be successful is right at your fingertips. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is a living resume. You want to stand out from the other profiles! Having recommendations visible on your LinkedIn profile can help you do so. So keep asking your managers, coworkers, professors, vendors and clients if they are open to giving you a boost. And remember to send a heartfelt thank you if they do.

If you’re looking for more insight or more career-building tips and tricks, check out our webinar series. Let Super Purposes help you find a job where you feel confident, motivated, and happy.

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