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Jeremy, Ryan, Marlie, Zack and Taylore are powerful and unique individuals who sought our help to guide them on their journey towards a successful career. Watch them land the job of their dreams, even when the odds were against them!

Meet the Cast of
From Ground Zero to Career Superhero!

Silhouette of Jeremy


A Marine veteran and resident of Boise who has served in two combat deployments. He has a doctorate in Homeland Security Management and dreams of helping military veterans transition back to civilian life in a meaningful way. He is also looking to find secure employment to support his children and family.

Silhouette of Ryan


An established filmmaker who lives in Northern California. He studied his craft at the London Film School and has since produced incredible footage for commercials and music videos. He hopes to find steady work in an industry that aligns with his values.

Silhouette of Marlie


A Seattle resident whose popular “Traveling While Black in Seattle” YouTube channel promotes safe travel tips to people of color. After Covid-19 put the travel business to a halt, she is ready to get out of Life Coaching. Her dream is to work for a corporation where she will have security and a steady income.

Silhouette of Zack


A Chicagoan with a background in marketing, music production, culinary arts, and horticulture. He never fails to maintain a positive outlook on challenges. He is very passionate about plants and aspires to share that passion with others through landscaping projects.

Silhouette of Taylore


A University of South Carolina graduate who is Medicare certified in four states. She strives to make choosing the right plan less stressful for her clients. After losing her job due to company downsizing, she hopes to find a marketing and sales job in fashion or the entertainment industry.

"Meet the Cast" Live Broadcast

On April 21, 2021, we will air a “Meet the Cast” LIVE Broadcast at 3:00 pm PDT/6:00 pm EDT. Documentary producers Keith Bohrer and Dylan Thompson will host a lively discussion with the cast members. Each one will appear on-screen to tell their story and where they expect to be at the end of their 12-weeks with the “From Ground Zero to Career Superhero” docuseries. Click on the button below to reserve your spot and get a reminder email the day before the event.