July 12, 2021
Intern checking their watch to see if they are on time

The Best Ways To Leverage Your Internship Into a Job Offer

You’re now well into your internship. You work every day to prove you’re hardworking and reliable. Now that you’re halfway there, you’re wondering, ‘How can I advance my career once I wrap it up?’ [...]
July 5, 2021
People playing frisbee

5 Everyday Transferable Skills for Your Career Hunt

The job hunt can be a terrifying journey when embarked upon without the proper tools. In simpler terms; you need expertise to bring ‘em to their knees! [...]
June 22, 2021
Two hands painted with the letters LGBTQIA+

8 Powerful Job Search Strategies for LGBTQIA+ Folx

If you are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, here are eight strategies to help you navigate your career safely! [...]
June 8, 2021
Picture of Madi, an ornamental horticulturist

Ornamental Horticulturist Shares His Creativity With The World

Looking for career inspiration? Meet Zack Madi, an ornamental horticulturist. He mixes art together from multiple mediums, including plants! [...]
May 24, 2021
McGuire stands smiling holding a professional camera

Extraordinary Cinematographer Has A Unique Lens on Life & Career

Ryan McGuire, cinematographer and nature aficionado has a unique lens on life and career. Check out his story! {...}
May 10, 2021
Taylor on Career Hunt

From Medicare to Marketing: Career Seeker Finds Hope in the Pandemic

Taylore Hunter was born and raised in South Carolina, where she still resides today. She is the epitome of sunshine, radiating happiness to everyone she encounters. [...]
April 26, 2021

Amazing Veteran Seeks To Change The World

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough. But not as tough as this Marine Veteran. If you are looking for a way to forge ahead in these confusing times, we’ve got the answer to your prayers. [...]
April 19, 2021

This Seattleite Will Blow Your Mind (and Empower Your Career)

Looking for career coaching? We found your hero. Let's dive right into an amazing journey that will help you succeed in your career! [...]
April 12, 2021
A man taping a scene with a video camera

Acing Your Video Cover Letter

"Only one may enter...A diamond in the rough." This foreboding “Aladdin” quote may reference a cave full of treasure, but it also aligns well with applying for jobs. [...]
April 5, 2021
A man's head drops onto his keyboard showing his frustration with onlne applications

Why Online Applications Are A Waste Of Time

Modern technology has truly changed the way we apply for jobs. Back in the day, there was no such thing as searching and applying for jobs online. [...]