Extraordinary Cinematographer Has A Unique Lens on Life & Career

Written by Idunn Wolfe
Graphic Design by Mary Johnson
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Since the pandemic, everything has been messy and stressful. Right about now, all of us are looking for some more ways to add zen to our lives. If you need a refresh or some energizing inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Enter Ryan McGuire, filmmaker extraordinaire and nature aficionado! His approach to life is all about finding new angles and putting things into perspective. So, if you are looking for a new lens on life or the right cinematographer for your video content needs, read on, my friend.

Creative beginnings

An established cinematographer and editor based in California, Ryan McGuire has always had a passion for creativity. As a young boy, he would create collage-style pieces of art based on composite sketch work. He kept branching out to try new techniques and learned to love many forms of art, including animation. In 2008, McGuire started studying filmmaking at the London Film School. This was the start of his career as a cinematographer. 

While at film school, he studied the secret magic behind filmmaking. He worked on screenwriting, cinematography techniques, directing, and post-production editing. Flash forward, and McGuire’s tenacious approach to work keeps bringing new opportunities. While some might find this daunting, Ryan is always reaching for new challenges and trying new projects. He never lets the fear of change stand in his way.

Finding success as a creative professional

McGuire has worked on a large variety of film projects over the years. There was the Nimbash Fashion Show in Napa Valley. Organizing projects with fellow artists to produce and shoot music videos. And promotional content, which is another specialty of his.

Whether in the editing room or behind the camera, McGuire has found ways to draw success. Especially as a freelance cinematographer. But though he has over a decade of experience in the field, he’s been looking for a change. He wishes to bring his skills to an organization that can hire him as a full-time employee. While looking for a pathway to do so, he found Super Purposes™.

He applied to take part in a brand new docu-series by Super Purposes™ called “From Ground Zero To Career Superhero.” The docu-series follows five individuals’ journeys to find a job in just 12 weeks. As part of the cast, McGuire is on his way to find a long-term creative home with a team that shares his values. Join him on his journey, and see how he overcomes the obstacles of job searching in the series! It includes expert coaching from Super Purposes™ founder Super Julie Braun, and tips for career success.

But how has McGuire come up with so much success? What keeps the fire of inspiration alive? Consistently trying new ways of doing things is one habit he keeps. But he also credits connection with nature and like-minded creatives as a way to stay sharp.

Replenishing the well of creativity with connection

Creative block is no match for McGuire. To keep the ideas flowing, he maintains an almost spiritual connection with nature. He says it largely sprang out of hiking, walking through redwoods and along the coasts. Outdoor activities further inspired him to meditate, practice yoga, and eat healthier. By being in sync with nature and keeping active, McGuire keeps his mind sharp and clear. He pushes forward, energized by his lifestyle. His three main core values,  creativity, collaboration, and integrity also keep him motivated. Not to mention, his love of challenges.

McGuire believes strongly in collaborating with other artists (and folks in general). “If you want to get good at chess, you have to play someone better than you,” says McGuire. “I want to play with people better than me.” To him, art is a way compassionate, collaborative people can come together. The ability to create things bigger than oneself is meaningful to him. When working with others, he takes pride in truly considering other points of view. So if you are looking to connect with a fellow artist, consider reaching out to McGuire on LinkedIn! He also has a portfolio website here, at http://mcguire-media.com/. 

Ambitions for the future

Centered with a growth mindset, McGuire strives to improve every day. His talent for filmmaking and passion for creating makes him an incredible teammate. Particularly for any organization looking to create powerful, unique visual content. With his edgy yet polished style, McGuire’s content is a sure bet. If you want to tantalize audiences, that is. 

Without a doubt, Ryan McGuire will continue to achieve his goals. Of all his hopes for the future, he has one dream that stands above all else. “I love getting out there with the camera,” says McGuire. “I love being outside. My dream job is to be doing that full-time, especially for a company like National Geographic.” 

McGuire isn’t slowing down progress anytime soon. So don’t miss your chance. Get to know him by watching the Super Purposes™ docu-series, or reach out to him on LinkedIn. Either way, connecting with McGuire will help you find your own creative center. And if you’re wondering how to spark a conversation with him, we have some fun facts about other joys in his life!

Other than hiking and yoga, McGuire loves Warhammer, a tabletop game. It involves miniature model collecting, and he gets a kick out of the eclectic figurines. And to round out his camera work, he also takes time to draw, paint, and read. Last but not least, he says he can always count on his brother, who is his best friend. 

For more information on Super Purposes™ and how to conquer the fear in career, check out our blog for tips, tricks, and more.

Have a Super day!