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Written by Mara Grau

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Company culture can make or break your experience at a job. Often, people fail to learn about a company’s culture before working there. They don’t do enough research into what it’s like working for a company before interviewing for or accepting a job. I’m guilty of this too, and as a result, I have experienced my share of poor workplace cultures. 

We’ve already survived the first few months of 2022, and one thing’s for sure: the Employee Revolution is just getting started. By now, most companies with good leadership realize that they need to treat their employees better if they want to stay in business. Across all industries, workers are recognizing the importance of putting themselves first. People are tired of shaping their lives around their jobs, especially now. 

Here are some changes in company culture to look out for while job hunting:

Flexibility as a Fundamental

The most common culture change is offering hybrid and remote work opportunities. Many businesses allow people to work out of the office whenever possible. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost employee morale and attract new talent. Working from home has several benefits for employees. The most important benefit is the ability to work where they’re most productive. Projects that involve teamwork are typically better handled at the office. But, tasks involving creativity are easier to focus on at home.

A Culture of Connection

Companies are realizing that they need to rebuild connections within their workplace culture. Many employees have been feeling isolated, excluded and unsupported in their workplaces. Employees who feel strong connections with their company are more likely to stay, do better work and experience less burnout. But how can companies foster a sense of belonging for their workers? That’s a question for their employees, both current and previous. Companies should listen to their workers and learn from past mistakes to improve. 

All employees have to be involved for connection to flourish. From the bottom to the top, employees at all levels should feel that their ideas and opinions have value. Some employees aren’t comfortable expressing their concerns or ideas to their managers. Having a solid human resources team can fix communication gaps and encourage employees to speak up. People tend to think that HR is there to handle hiring and any issues that arise. But, leaders should use their talents to help maintain a great company culture. A strong HR team can help rebuild company culture and thus help workers feel more inspired in their work. 

A New Meaning for Engagement

A company’s leaders need to engage with the activities of their employees. They need to know what’s going on and how people feel about the company. Leaders who don’t engage with their staff are not helping to improve company culture. One way for leadership to get more involved in company culture is by giving workers more personalized recognition. Everyone wants their work to be appreciated, but not everyone enjoys the same type of praise. Introverted employees might not enjoy having their accomplishments shared with everyone. Other people thrive when their achievements get announced to the whole company. An engaged leader should know how to praise an employee without overwhelming them.  

Happy Employees Make Successful Companies

Companies need to keep their employees happier if they want them to stick around. This idea is the heart of the Employee Revolution; workers want to be happy and feel that their work is purposeful. For many people, it’s not enough to work for a salary; they need something more. So how can people tell if a company will be able to provide them with this? Asking during an interview may not always yield an honest response. Asking current and former employees will give the best information about the culture. Resources like GlassDoor can help you find reviews from employees. Or if you’re feeling bold, you can also explore the company’s LinkedIn page and make some connections. 

It can be difficult to feel fulfilled in your work when the environment is draining. It’s also challenging to find a company culture that suits your values and work style. You become part of the company culture when you start working there. That’s why it’s best to do your research beforehand to see if you will thrive with them. The Employee Revolution will make it easier for people to find value and purpose in their work. For more advice on finding your purpose, check out our other blogs!   

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