Content Writer Specialist

Super Purposes cape logo as a searchlight

You Will:

•  Write quirky comic content for Super Purposes.

•  Quickly learn and adapt to Super Purposes brand voice.

•  Work with content writing team to create a variety of content materials which includes website copy, program content, long-form social media content, and other written materials.

•  Work with the Graphic Design team to create text for images and blurbs.

•  Collaborate with the Web Design team to attract and promote the Super Purposes brand.

•  Brainstorm with the Video Production team to come up with ideas for videos.

•  Directly work with employment specialists and Super Julie Braun to create funny program materials.

•  Work with our UX Researcher Team to quickly makes changes and updates.

•  Rehearse jokes to get the timing right.

•  Create new ideas and perspectives.

•  Attend team and senior meetings, as needed.

You Are:

•  Someone who can make people laugh and put a smile on their faces.

•  A collaborator who works well with other teams.

• Creative and always writing and rewriting to improve your skillset.

• Able to link seemingly unrelated ideas together.

• Always questioning to find new ideas and perspectives on old situations.

• Observant and experimenting with new ideas.

• Confident, driven, ambitious, determined, resilient

• Adaptable to changes in projects and priorities and can handle multiple projects.

• Excellent in verbal and written communication, email etiquette, the Internet, and MS Office.

• Highly motivated, detail-oriented, reliable and organized.

• Able to work independently with minimum supervision and attend video conferencing meetings whenever needed.

• Enthusiastic and grateful to have the opportunity to work with us!

• A Super Content Writer!

You Will Benefit by:

•  Attaining high-level skills and experience that will help you increase your earning potential, reach your career goals, and find more rewarding jobs.

•  Receiving mentoring on your LinkedIn Profile (and thus, your resume), interviewing skills, and professional goals, and how to manage your career.

•  Building your professional portfolio.

•  Participating in collaboration sessions with our hilarious creative Teammates and team leadership.

•  Being exposed to the behind-the-scenes of a one-of-a-kind start-up company.

•  Gaining access to a variety of training materials on sales, marketing, program management, and other topics, worth thousands of dollars.

•  Receiving a top-notch letter of recommendation and referrals from our Employment Verification team upon the successful completion of your 200-hour internship. In addition, we will gladly help you arrange for academic credit if needed.