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COVID-19 Crisis: How to Get a Remote Job in 12 Weeks!

Have You Been Struggling to Get Hired During the Pandemic?

Our online course offers a solution to achieving your career goals. You will learn how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters, master the interview, negotiate salary, and manage multiple job offers. You will also receive virtual coaching by a team of professionals dedicated to helping you get the job you deserve!

Meet Your Super Career Mentors!

Photo of Robert Braathe

Robert Braathe

Career Coach and Mentor

Utilizing his expertise gained at Disney, Gap, and Apple, Robert helps design and deliver the best college or business classes and workshops. With extensive experience teaching an array of subjects from business to self-help, he finds great joy in helping people find the job they desire and deserve. Through Braathe Enterprises™, he has helped over 400 amazing people successfully perform virtual internships to gain the skills and expertise to jumpstart their careers.

Super Julie Braun Profile Image

Super Julie Braun

Founder & CEO
Super Purposes™

Super Julie Braun, also known as SJ, is the CEO and founder of Super Purposes™. After having a highly successful career in corporate America, SJ found her calling in helping millions of people grow and attain the careers of their dreams. With decades of experience as a career coach and remote expert, SJ has been educating people through hundreds of interviews on radio, podcasts, and live broadcasts. Her quirky sense of humor, step-by-step recipes, and memorable story telling are what sets her apart. “Everyone deserves to have the career they desire.”

Photo of Kimber Hill

Kimber Hill


Kimber Hill is the founder of VirtForce™, a network that focuses on advocating for Virtual Milspouse employment. Being a Milspouse herself and building a successful career virtually around her military lifestyle, Kimber Hill is not just a coach but a true role model too. She is a virtual IT Specialist leading several cross-functional teams from her home office. Kimber proves that as a coach, she does not simply preach but lives the successful lifestyle we teach.

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How to Get a Job In 12 weeks!

Do you find it hard to believe that you can land your dream job in 12 weeks? Be prepared to stretch your beliefs and watch your career transform with our “How To Get A Job In 12 Weeks!” programs. Our tried-and-tested programs are fun. Click on an icon below to choose from our variety of programs to go from ground zero to career superhero in 12 weeks!

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