Ornamental Horticulturist Shares His Creativity with the World

Written by Heather Gilmer
Graphic Design by Natasha Alcantra

Picture of Madi, a ornamental horticulturist

During these trying times of Covid-19, we all could use a little inspiration. If you’ve been struggling to find it, look no further! Meet your new superhero, Zack Madi! This Chicago native is a creator of all sorts who specializes in ornamental horticulture. He can help you find the rhythm in your career and at home. So, read on to discover a world where plants swing to the beat of jazzy music and art is a way of life!

The Seeds of Creativity Sprout

Zack Madi has many creative passions, and music is one of them. Madi defines music as being his first love, his saving grace therapy. Of all genres, jazz is his favorite. Madi’s drive for bringing art to life is what led him to produce music. While in middle school, he begged his neighbor to teach him the DJing process. “It was love at first scratch,” says Madi. 

Another fun fact about Madi is that he’s an excellent chef.  He obtained his culinary arts certificate from Joliet Junior College. When he has the time, his favorite food to cook is manicotti, an Italian pasta dish.

Madi also has a strong passion for plants. Whenever you speak to him about them, his enthusiasm will shine right through. Madi developed this interest at a young age from his great-grandmother’s teachings. Inspired by other mentors along the way, he decided to turn this plant passion into a career. For a few summers, Madi lived in California with his friend, Billy, working on greenhouses. “That’s where I fell in love with what plants have to offer the world,” he says.  Madi later attended Lake Land College and earned a certificate in Horticulture. 

All About Plants

Like any ornamental horticulturist, Madi is extremely knowledgeable about plants. Not only will he teach you how to care for them properly, but he will also teach you the benefits they provide. For example, many people think that plants are only there for decoration. But as you will learn from Madi, they are also useful for reducing noise and scrubbing the air of toxins. This helps people establish a better headspace, which improves their productivity. So, if you’ve been struggling to stay focused on your tasks, go buy some plants for your home or office! 

Another interesting benefit of plants is that nurturing them can be a form of self-care. It forces you to be present in the moment, to notice if the plant is thriving.  And when it’s not thriving, it can make you reflect upon your lifestyle choices. Have you ever been so stressed with life and career that you forget to drink water? On those days, you may also forget to water your plants, which causes them to wither. When this happens, you start to realize how valuable it is to have a plant-person relationship.  “It really needs you as much as you need it,” says Madi. 

Chasing Dreams

If there’s one thing you should know about Zack Madi, it’s that he’s a dream chaser. Once he sets a goal, he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. “I am a firm believer that it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish,” he says. 

Everyone could use a little support while job-hunting, especially during a pandemic. Here at Super Purposes™, we recognize this and help people land their dream jobs. Madi felt inspired when he discovered our docuseries, “From Ground Zero to Career Superhero!” He applied and became one of the five cast members. 

Zack’s dream is to combine all his creative outlets into one place.  He envisions a café that promotes a relaxing atmosphere for his community. People could come to enjoy fresh foods, create art, and listen to chill music. Of course, this café will also have plants to generate beauty and inspiration. 

But that dream will take some time. So, for now, Madi’s goal is to find steady work as a landscaper or ornamental horticulturist. “I think people are looking for a space of beauty… Homes are the canvas, plants are the paint,” says Madi.

Searching for your dream job can feel lonely and discouraging at times. But despite all the roadblocks he’s endured, Madi refuses to give up.  He knows that one day, his dream will come true. So, if you’ve been struggling, you have a new friend in Madi. He wants you to know that you are never alone. Keep chasing that dream! 

Whether you need a landscaping project done, are curious to learn more about plants, or need some friendly support, reach out to Zack Madi on LinkedIn!  And while you’re at it, go check out our blog to learn about the other incredible docuseries cast members and gain some career tips! 

Have a Super Day!