Top 8 Companies Recruiting Now - Job Search Made Easy!

Written by Leonardo Salvadore

Two men paraglide to look for the perfect job when they bump into a bird.

Sorry birdie, no time to chat today. I’m busy getting a remote job.

Uhu? Wham! Kapow! Ahhh! Uh oh. If the recruiting process in the past year had a soundtrack, that would be it. It sure feels like the world is collapsing, and looking for remote jobs has become pretty tough. As thousands of companies keep laying off and millions of people search for new occupations, entering the recruiting process might feel like a lost cause.

But fear no more. Despair, begone!

Why? Because more companies are hiring for remote positions than ever! From April 2020 to September 2020 alone, a leading site for remote job posting has seen a 50% increase in tech jobs listings and similar increases in other fields.

But where are all these jobs? Why can’t I find them more quickly? I’m wasting so many hours looking for a place to look for jobs; how is that helping me?

Well, guess what? If you’re tired of looking, look no further. Below is a list of the top eight companies recruiting now for work-from-home positions, plus an extra four companies hiring beginners.

Companies recruiting now!


Based in New York City, Clevertech is a fully remote company that builds “digital solutions for the world’s most innovative companies.”

If software engineering or product analysis are your forte, this might be the company for you. If they aren’t, make sure to check out their other twelve open positions!


Is content marketing your niche? Then Animalz is the place for you. Oh I’m sorry, it’s the couch for you! This young team creates educational content for companies and professionals to maximize their success, and they’re currently recruiting for a Sales Manager, a Content Marketing Manager, a Tech and VC Writer, and a Recruiter.


TaxJar knows that paying taxes is humdrum. That’s why they leverage technology and efficient customer service to take the burden off of businesses.

They’re the leading technology solution for eCommerce sellers and are trusted by more than 20,000 entities, and they have 15 open positions in sales, security, marketing, product design, and tons more. Plus, they’re fast-growing, diverse, and 100% remote!


This high-growth roadmap software company is recruiting 17 people to join their marketing, customer service, and UX teams. Are you a coder and a writer? This is it! Or you can try for the digital marketing position, or a buncha others.

Aha! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

A bunch of college graduates waiting in a line for job recruitment fair

When it comes to software development, X-Team is hard to overlook. They’re recruiting “freelance developers with experience working on high-scale, remote teams and projects with a motivated, proactive attitude and compassionate, team-player heart.”

Think that’s you? Check ‘em out!


Pearson is the largest educational company in the world, and they are currently looking for a Payroll Specialist and an SEO Analyst, plus some Course Management Analysts and dozens of Search Marketing Specialists.

Take a peek if you’re interested in education and want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives!

Accounting Principals

Most of its listings are not remote, but this finance agency is looking to fill 524 positions in accounting, mortgage and real estate, software development, and hundreds more. If moving is not an issue, this could very well be your gold mine.


This software development company is currently recruiting 22 people in Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and lots more. See for yourself!

Who’s hiring for entry level?

You’re probably thinking, “what if I have no experience?”

If Jesse and Amy up there sound just like you, here are four companies hiring for entry-level proofreading and editing gigs.

Ta-da! If remote work is what you’re looking for, these are the top companies recruiting now. All you have to do before you apply is dolling up your LinkedIn and making sure you know how to dazzle your interviewer. If you want to stand out even more among applicants, you can check out these super resources to get a remote job.

And have a Super day!