From Medicare to Marketing: Career Seeker Finds Hope in the Pandemic

Written by Heather Gilmer
Graphic Design by Natasha Alcantra
Taylore Stays Positive During the Pandemic and is on a career hunt

If there’s anything worse than losing a job, it’s losing it during a pandemic. Over ten million Americans have a story to tell about the challenges of losing a job during this time. Taylore Hunter is one of them. Despite this, she maintains a positive outlook and doesn’t allow obstacles to stand in her way of success. Read on to discover her story and find new ways to push past fear to find your joy in work!

An Inspiring Woman

Taylore Hunter was born and raised in South Carolina, where she still resides today. She is the epitome of sunshine, radiating happiness to everyone she encounters. Her kind, empathetic nature is what makes her the friend we all need in our lives. Hunter is passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures.  Although she’s afraid of heights, she doesn’t let that fear stop her from enjoying a roller coaster ride!

Hunter attended the University of South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, with a dual major in Marketing and Management. After graduation, she applied for a position as a Medicare Insurance Specialist. Hunter didn’t know much about selling insurance, let alone think she would ever have an interest in doing it. Still, she passed her certification exams and became licensed to sell Medicare in five states (AL, PA, SC, NJ, and NY)!

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it affected businesses everywhere. Even health insurance agencies, as ironic as it sounds, were far from the exception. Hunter lost her job in December 2020 when her agency did a massive downsizing. She had worked there for two years.

But for Hunter, losing that job wasn’t the end. It was the start of a new beginning.

Finding Hope

While scrolling her Facebook feed one day, Taylore Hunter stumbled upon a post that sparked a ray of hope. It was a post from our team at Super Purposes™! We were seeking the cast for our docuseries,  “From Ground Zero to Career Superhero.” The goal was to help five unemployed individuals land their dream job. Hunter jumped at this opportunity and became one of the selected cast members.

“I noticed right away that Taylore was very polished like a well-practiced contestant. She’s an extraordinary young woman who can do whatever she puts her mind to,” said Super Julie Braun, the Founder and CEO of Super Purposes™.

Everyone needs a strong support system during their job search process. “Sometimes it can feel lonely and overwhelming with the constant rejection,” reported Hunter. She has cherished being a part of our docuseries because of the support she receives.

Reaching for her Dream Job

Taylore Hunter has done extensive soul-searching since beginning her career journey with us. At first, she focused on finding another health insurance job. While this seemed ideal with the skills she had, Hunter quickly realized that it wasn’t the fair thing to do. You see, selling health insurance was never her dream job. Her heart’s true desire lies with the marketing and fashion industries. She’s following that path now!

After being a Medicare Specialist, Hunter is well-prepared for the marketing world. Both roles involve building relationships with clients. That’s something Hunter loves to do and is exceptional at! She aspires to bring her creative skills to digital platforms, print, and advertisements. 

Hunter has engaged in several fashion photoshoots. The freedom she feels while doing them is something very special. “It doesn’t feel like work to me,” she said. “I just feel happy and that’s what I want with my career.” Someday, she hopes to travel to top fashion capitals like Florence, Italy and Paris, France. She would also like to eventually have her own fashion brand. 

As a devoted Christian, Hunter looks to Jesus to guide her through any storm that comes her way. “I keep myself motivated by reminding myself of The Word of God and keeping my faith in Him and what He says,” she explained.  It brings her peace to know that He always has a plan for her.  

Taylore Hunter is an ambitious woman.  She works hard to achieve her goals, and we should all strive to do the same. Hunter’s words of wisdom: “Every day has a purpose, so always be thankful even when things aren’t going your way.” 

Are you someone who also lost a job during the pandemic? Or do you share the love of roller coasters while disliking heights? Either way, Taylore Hunter could be your new best friend.  Reach out to her on LinkedIn to learn more about her inspiring story. Also, be sure to check out our blog to read about the other unique docuseries cast members and get some awesome career tips!

Have a Super Day!