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The Cast of 5 Job Seekers:
Begin Your Career Journey

From Ground Zero to Career Superhero!

We are preparing the first episode of From Ground Zero to Career Superhero!, a docuseries that is set to take the fear and formality out of career. The innovative series provides 5 job seekers with fun and quirky content through their effective program: How to Get a Remote Job in 12 Weeks. Along with coaching the cast hands-on, we extend inside tips and tricks of the career industry to all viewers, operating off our brand message: The Salary You Deserve.

Super Purposes Docuseries


How to Get a Remote Job in 12 Weeks teaches you how to network with professionals virtually, gain contacts with hiring managers, and gives you a chance to work with a team of people dedicated to helping you land your dream job.

Common Mistakes

Each episode will show common mistakes made when applying to jobs, offering invaluable and profitable solutions, and encouraging you to  learn new methods, instead of wasting time drafting cover letters and resumes.

Getting The Interview

We teach you how to go from the bottom of the application pile to the very top, resulting
in introductions to hiring managers and securing the interview

What you get



Each cast member has full access to the super program created and curated by career professionals that provide key ingredients of how to stand out during the hiring process.


Virtual Coaching​

By simulating activities such as mastering the interview, negotiating salary, and perfecting conversational elevator pitches, the career crackerjacks take a never taken approach to virtual coaching.


Career Guidance

The program will also provide guidance on internships, resume building, attracting recruiters, and becoming a 
LinkedIn All-Star.

Invitation For All Job Seekers

We formally invite audiences from all walks of life to bring their popcorn and notepad to embark on an inventive remote journey​.