The Best Ways to Leverage Your Internship Into a Job Offer

Written by Austin Torres
Edited by Brian Power
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Its time to leverage your internship in a job offer

You’re now well into your internship. You work every day to prove you’re hardworking and reliable. Now that you’re halfway there, you’re wondering, ‘How can I advance my career once I wrap it up?’ Well, don’t check out yet! The best thing to do right now is to leverage your internship into a job offer.

It’s easy to think where you are now is just a stepping stone, but many positions have opportunities you wouldn’t figure. Whatever your internship is, dive deeper. Show dedication by working hard on your assignments and continuing to improve your skills!

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Do Your Job. Treat it That Way.

How well do you think you’re doing with your internship so far?

The correct answer is ‘not enough.’ There’s always more to do to advance your career. If the place you’re interning is your dream company, give it your all. If it’s not your dream, treat it like it is because it will show off your drive and initiative.

There is no internship without serious work to do. Put your nose to the grindstone, and it’s more likely your employer will turn your internship into a job offer.

There is no internship without serious work to do. Make your work give the idea that employers should turn your internship into a job offer.

Engage with Positivity.

Giving your best attitude significantly improves consideration from others.

No matter how difficult the job can get, don’t let it faze your goal or mindset. Keep working with your best effort. Take a break when you have a minute, then get back to it. Don’t lose your motivation or optimism for turning an internship into a job offer.

The same goes for socializing, especially with your supervisor and co-interns. Everyone there should believe you’re comfortable to be around as an intern and as a peer.

Keep Asking Questions.

Not only is there nothing wrong with asking questions, but they’re highly encouraging. It shows your supervisors that you pay attention to them and grow from what the workplace provides. They say kids are the key to the future, and they ask more questions than anyone! IF they can do it, we can too.

Ask about their projects and your projects. If you don’t have one, ask about joining their biggest one. Don’t forget how many people are doing it, how they contribute, and the estimated profit once the CEO initiates it. Even minor curiosities show them you have the proper ethics to make your internship into a job offer.

Involve and Integrate.

The old cliche of chatting around a water cooler is a cliche for a reason! Nowadays this proverbial water cooler could be anywhere. Internships are great ways to build connections and meet people. Tell others about yourself and get to know the people around you.

Becoming part of a team is crucial. Show your supervisor you invest in your duties. Prove to everyone you learn their lessons and initiate that knowledge to further the company!

Looking for a job offer everywhere

Adapt for Growth, Not Comfort.

Now that you’re proving yourself a fit for employment, it’s easy to get comfortable and fall into a bad work habit. If you think it’s irrelevant as long as you produce results, think again.

Gain experience that will be marketable after your internship. Doing the bare minimum can seem an appealing option, but always strive to learn new skills. This will give you an answer to that inevitable interview question: “What did you learn from your past internship?”

Ignore that feeling of comfort that things must go smoothly. Employers can see comfort as complacency — a signal that you’re perfect right where you are. Always show that you’re ready to move forward to infinity and beyond!

To turn your internship into a job offer, do the work to elevate your skills, not your rung on the corporate ladder. Although the point of a job offer is to make that climb, it’s not the most significant point. It’s about what you do and how it improves you and the company, not how you settle into where you are.

Stay. In. Touch.

Staying in touch is the most effortless piece of advice for networking. It’s crucial for your success at landing a job after your internship.

Follow your boss on Facebook, endorse coworkers on LinkedIn, read their tweets, and take a look at their latest post on Instagram. You can also give meaningful comments for any post on any site. 

Don’t forget the handwritten ‘thank you’ letter. When you finish your internship, there’s nothing more satisfying to an employer than a written note with gratitude. They will also want to know how you are doing at the company because of their impact, so write well on that too.

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