Is This a Dream, or Is It Reality? Stepping into Your Purpose-Filled Career!

Written by: Jamie Clifton

Graphic Design by: Kiera Cockbain

Many of us go to college with the hopes of getting a job after a degree or a certificate. The reality is the job search can seem endless, especially right after college. Not to mention there aren’t a lot of companies who want to hire someone with little to no experience. Yet, before we even begin our search, we need to envision our purpose-filled career. I understand not everyone can be picky about the jobs they accept. Before diving in, think about how to Get The Job You Love. Along the way, you will learn the top five things to keep an eye out for in your dream job. You won’t regret it!

Butterflies In The Stomach or a Nagging Pain In The Side

There’s a saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” So, why not choose a job that makes your heart sing? People often accept a job offer because the bills have to be paid, or they may be thrown out on their tushy. Instead, go for the position that gives you butterflies every day, like it’s a first date with your long-time crush. You know, that exciting feeling that never gets old. Look at the company’s values and beliefs and make sure it aligns with your own. Nobody wants to work at a company whose ethics are so out of left-field that you can’t stand to be there daily. There should be an instant connection, a sense of ease, not disappointing feelings or resentment. Those feelings can then turn into stress which can lead to health issues.

All for One and One for All

Your dream job should be working with people who welcome you with open arms as early as the interview. There should always be teamwork, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. No one should ever be obligated to work with someone they despise. Without peace, the workplace will be a combative battlefield of side-eyeing and gossiping. Being uncomfortable at work is one sign that a company isn’t the place for you. When people feel like they don’t belong, it hinders their performance, causing them to shy away from contributing to the company. When there is overall support, it opens the door for magical creations, like a dream team. Teamwork makes the dream work to create new opportunities. With new opportunities come promotions and salary increases. It sounds like a recipe for success!

Woman Daydreaming about a better job

Show Me the Money

You’re probably thinking if you love what you’re doing, then money shouldn’t matter. Or maybe money isn’t everything and is the root of all evil, right? Wrong! Now, everyone knows money is essential to living. It is also a vital part of your dream job. Maybe not the number one deal breaker but necessary. When you are paid a decent salary, you feel valued. And when you feel valued, your work reflects that. If you are underpaid, you most likely dread going to work every day. When you get to work, you rarely give 100% because nobody wants to go to a job where they’re working for measly pennies. Yes, it would help if you had that paycheck to pay your bills, but low pay isn’t beneficial to you or the company. Like a trickle-down effect, being underpaid leads to low motivation (and even health problems), leading to possible money loss for the company. Hence, negotiating the salary you deserve is crucial. You won’t have to continue scraping by living paycheck to paycheck. That doesn’t sound like a dream job at all.

Humans are NOT Machines!

We live in the age of technology where many people think that machines will take over one day. If that happens, there won’t be any jobs left for us human beings. The crazy thing is some employers already believe that their employees are robots. They want results, and they want them now! There are so many standards and metrics already in place. Otherwise, you may be deemed unfit for the position. Yes, companies need metrics and benchmarks in place for productivity. That said, leadership shouldn’t rely solely on the employees alone. It needs to be a team effort. The company should include an all-for-one and one-for-all mentality, not a cracking-the-whip, sweatshop mindset. When searching for your dream job, the radar for machine searchers should be on high alert. Otherwise, you may regret it down the line unless, of course, you like that sort of work.

Growth is Inevitable or Is It ?

One of the most critical things in jobs and life, in general, is growth. So often, people work for the same company for many years, in the same position and becoming stagnant. For some, this is okay, but only if you want to continue making the same salary and watch others surpass you. In the interview, you should figure out if the position is your fate or has room to grow and expand. Being able to grow within the company helps everyone. It allows the employer to save money by promoting within instead of searching for a new employee. It opens up the door for a bigger salary and better opportunities for you. That sounds like a win-win for everyone involved. So, don’t search for any job because you need a job. Put some thought into the company you want to work for.

We often search for a job because we need cash and fast. This time around, you’re searching for your purpose-filled  job. A job you will love and ultimately is everlasting. That means putting more thought and research into making sure you are checking off all of your boxes. From the company goals and ethics to your salary and growth. “Whatever is imperative, place it at the top of your list, and set a goal to achieve it!” You shouldn’t have to compromise on what will make you fall in love with that dream job. If there are too many red flags, that job might not be for you. For more helpful advice on how to Get The Job You Love, check out our blog page!

Have a Super Day!

Jamie Clifton

Growing up I was told, “You’re a writer” but I never believed it. First semester in college I was recognized for my writing. I started thinking maybe there’s a writer in there. Now, that others see the potential in me, I’ve begun to realize, I am truly a writer.