Leveling Up Your Career Skills with Video Games

Written by Brian Power & Matt Cavanaugh
Graphic Design by Ian McDaniel

a person playing games

Level 1: Tutorial

When marketing yourself as a career seeker, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. It can often feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. However, you’ve got the know-how from a recreation you may not have considered: video games! All those sleepless nights of ruining your eyes weren’t in vain. We’ll show you some skills you may have picked up from playing your favorite games.

Level 2: There are Enemies Nearby

“If you’re encountering enemies, you’re going the right way.” This famous quote popularized by an anonymous Reddit user is a perfect takeaway from video games. Have you ever gotten lost in a video game when you find a random door with guards outside? You have to ask yourself, does the game designer just like this door, or could they want me to get past it and look beyond? This idea translates to looking for a career. Hitting a wall or meeting opposition doesn’t mean you’re going the wrong way. Getting a rejection letter isn’t game over, it means beating the level will feel that much better. Remember, meeting competition could be a sign that the job is right for you. In most cases, the guards aren’t watching a pretty door, they’re guarding the final boss, or in this case, your dream job.

Level 3: The World at Your Fingertips

Video games invoke a childlike wonder in us all. There’s something magical about rescuing princesses and exploring new worlds. However, what if you designed the world you played in? It would be like kids in a sandbox, inventing the story. Speaking of sandboxes, or Sandbox games, let’s talk about Open-World Games. These programs are some of the most awe-inspiring pieces of media anyone can engage in. Games such as Minecraft or Garry’s Mod allow users to create their own worlds with the resources they’re given. These communities build mini-games, tournaments, and meme-culture you wouldn’t believe! This type of self-determination is perfect for finding a job. Picture this: you’re dropped into a world with endless possibilities and no direction, you have to figure out what to do and where to go. Now, am I talking about an Open-World Game or starting your career? Sandbox games have taught you how to find your own direction and give yourself purpose. Use that! Figure out what platforms are the best for networking, find resources to help your resume, or even locate a helpful online blog! You’re already doing what’s necessary, so keep writing your story in this career sandbox!

Level 4: The Good, The Bad, and The Gamer

Online matchmaking can either make or break your gaming experience. You could end up with the most elite team of gamers, or you can get stuck with 15-year-olds spouting “Yo Mama” jokes. Regardless, you’ve gotta find a way to make it work and win the match! The same goes for your career. You’re not always going to get along with the people you meet. Every office has its screaming Call of Duty player, whether that’s hiring agents or co-workers once you land the job. You don’t choose your teammates and you don’t choose your co-workers, but you’re still going to win regardless. Learning to overcome people you aren’t compatible with online is a valuable skill in the field. Ignoring rude comments and focusing on the goal is an amazing skill to have in the workplace. Even working together with teams you do get along with is good practice for a healthy work ethic. Video games are the perfect practice for real-life co-op!

Level 5: Piecing it Together

One of the most daunting parts of looking for a career is getting started. There are thousands of companies to choose from, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s the same for puzzle games. Many video games revolve around finding clues and pieces together ways to solve a puzzling challenge. At the start, they rarely make sense but once you take a look around, get a grasp on your surroundings, you can figure out the first step. It wouldn’t be a puzzle, or in this case a good job if everything made sense right off the bat. Maybe you find a hidden key or you know a good reference on LinkedIn. There’s always somewhere to start, so take the first step and the puzzle will start falling into place. You’ll have your dream career within your grasp before you know it!

The Final Level

Video games are a great resource for fun and function. Spending too much time on the wrong game can be harmful, but there is so much value within the hours spent playing. Skills learned from video games can help you make sense of life. For us here at Super Purposes, we’ve found them useful for job hunting. So next time you grab a controller or keyboard, remember to think of all the skills you can take with you IRL.

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