This Seattleite Will Blow Your Mind (and Empower Your Career)

Written by Idunn Wolfe
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After all the chaos the pandemic has caused, we need more superheroes in our lives. Someone to help us transform the mucky pandemic world. A blueprint for how to tackle the challenges of the job search in a totally different economy. And career coaching that actually works! Well, look no further. We found your hero. Let’s dive right into an amazing journey that will help you learn everything you need to push forward and find success in your career.

A woman of versatility

Like the sensation of biting into a crisp caramel apple, Marlie Love is a burst of sweet and vibrant flavor. Talking to Marlie is to know what it’s like to be heard and cared about. She radiates, well, love! And it shows in the quality of her work. As a Positive Psychology and Engagement Coach, Love’s favorite thing in life is helping others achieve a fulfilling and happy life and career. With a graduate certification in Positive Psychology and a Master of Education in Positive Coaching degree, Love is ready to help you win at life. She also offers her career coaching services to businesses. “I help employees feel engaged, happy, motivated, and less stressed,” says Love, “so, the organization can thrive, save on turnover costs, and be one of the best places to work.”  If you have ever needed help overcoming obstacles and increasing productivity, reach out to her on LinkedIn. You will thank yourself for it later.

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You know you found Marlie Love if this is the LinkedIn profile you're looking at!

On top of her usual coaching services, Marlie is Co-host and Producer of Traveling While Black in Seattle. Traveling While Black is a Youtube channel in which she vlogs her amazing travels with her husband Anthony Love. The travel vlog helps people, especially those in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) communities, with places to go and enjoy local culture with safety and peace of mind. The show has received wide attention and has partnered with local organizations like the Space Needle and Visit Seattle. As a YouTuber, Marlie really showcases her ability to anticipate what people are looking for.

Pulling through the pandemic

Like so many of us in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marlie Love’s life has become more complicated. In a one-two punch combo, the pandemic hit her hours at her full-time job and brought her travel-based YouTube channel to a screeching halt. Marlie had to change up her plans. She applied to take part in a life-changing documentary, and out of hundreds of applicants, she made it through. As a cast member in the brand new docuseries by Super Purposes™, she is working to secure a job that will bring a steady paycheck. The docu-series produced by Super Purposesfollows five individuals’ journeys to find a job in just 12 weeks. For a glimpse into how Love succeeds and tackles challenges, check out the series. It includes exclusive coaching from Super Purposes™ founder Super Julie Braun, and plenty of insider tips.

The Marlie Love Principle

Nothing keeps Marlie Love down, and this perhaps one of the greatest lessons she has to offer. “I like to take risks, I am an optimist, sometimes to a fault. I’m a big dreamer, honestly,” says Love. So when Covid-19 sucker-punched her work, Marlie applied her expertise to the new obstacles. But where did her skills and emotional resilience come from?

It turns out that Love started down the path of career coaching others as a child. “I was the one my friends would come to for comfort and advice. I had a natural ability to allow others to be vulnerable around me at a young age,” she says. She has a knack for staying positive and helping people push through challenges in their lives. Despite this gift, it took her a while to find her true calling. She worked in administration until one day, a mentor pointed out her talent, and it changed Love’s career forever.

Love is constantly pushing her skills and expertise to new heights, and will doubtless continue to find success. Her natural talent for guiding others shines in her transformative leadership. And her love for creating content makes her an asset to anyone or any organization she encounters. Whether you get to know her through the Super Purposes docu-series, or you reach out to her on LinkedIn, meeting Marlie Love will change your life.

Some fun facts about Marlie: She absolutely loves caramel apples, dabbles in acting, and (although she hates to admit it) is a Real Housewives fan. 

By the way, if you’re looking for help with landing the job of your dreams, take a peek at our webinars and coaching services here. Super Purposes™ can coach you on how to find a job you love, and the salary you deserve.

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