The Value of a Purpose-filled Career Over a Dream Job

Written by Mayank Kant

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“Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life.” I’m sure everyone has heard the saying at one point or another. Well, what person wouldn’t choose a dream job as the job they love? Typically when trying to figure out what we want to do in life, the decision comes down to two choices: Do we do the job that we dreamed about doing ever since we were little, or do we do the purposeful job? A dream job is appealing to everyone. Even though it appears like this new and shiny thing, it has a lot of flaws. It is unrealistic and unattainable. A dream job is just that, a dream. It’s just a whole lot of BING BING WAHOO! A scenario is playing in your mind about something you hope to do someday. Why not do something now instead of wishing you would do it one day? This is why you should choose a purpose-filled career instead.

The Myth of a Dream Job

A dream job is something you imagine doing your whole life. The best way to describe a dream is that it’s nothing more than a myth. We think about the upsides of having our dream job but ignore many of the negatives. And this myth has a lot of downsides. People assume everything will work out just fine once you land your dream job. However, having a dream job won’t fix our problems in everyday life. The harsh reality is that this DREAM JOB doesn’t exist. Have you ever thought of your dream partner, a dream home, or even a dream car? The list goes on and on. If you were to get any of these things now, would any major issue you have in your life be fixed? One moment you think this is what you want in life. It will fill that void you’ve desperately tried to serve for so long. The harsh truth is that this dream job you seek is your perfect vision for yourself. If you actively seek perfection, the only person you will limit is you.

Risking it All Because it's my Passion

But why are people so stubborn to let anything stand in their way of doing what they have dreamed about their whole life?  It could be a high feeling of accomplishment or ultimately just being happy. They are doing this job because it is their PASSION, and nothing else will give them more joy than this in life. Humans are ever-changing, and this idea of having a fixed passion in life is a myth. Just like the idea of a dream job is also a myth. “It’s my passion, and that will help me pay the bills!” You may be very passionate about something, but that doesn’t mean you will love everything about it. Maybe you want to join the Army because you met a veteran whose stories inspired you. Do you think you will instantly be on the battle lines driving a tank or using weapons against your enemies? You must be disciplined and endure hardships before seeking glory.

Take a Gamble on Having a Purpose-filled Career

My entire life, I never really knew what I wanted from a career. I had always dreamed of the perfect job. However, I never gave that so-called excellent job any thought other than it was something that I wanted to do. I thought that if I had a dream, I should chase it until it became a reality. A dream job is what everyone hopes to do after all. I had always emphasized this dream aspect of my career but never thought about whether this career would fill me with purpose. What exactly does a dream job give you? Is it merely doing something that a few individuals get to do? Is it simply doing something for the sake of it because someone else told you it could not be done? Do you gain anything from accomplishing this dream, or are you left with saying, “Woo I did it… what?” You shouldn’t aim to complete something because you have dreamt of doing it your entire life. It should, in essence, give you a purpose. This purpose can range from achieving the salary you want, meeting your goals and requirements, deciding where you want to be, or finding another path that would suit you better. In reality, you have to do the research and find out what it is that you need from a job. Relinquish the notion that you have to do this job because it’s your dream. Instead aim for the career that fills your life with purpose. The answer to whatever question you ask yourself will always be answered by you. It must pertain to you. A dream is something you think you want. But a purpose is knowing exactly what you want and what you need.

What is a Purposeful Career?

“A meaningful, purpose-filled career isn’t perfect. It’s filled with challenges, heartache, and sometimes happiness. It can make you both frustrated and laugh at the same time. It can inspire others who didn’t know, oh my god, this is such an awesome feeling that could exist in a career.” This quote by Super Julie Braun perfectly sums up what it means to have a purpose-filled career. Your perception of a purpose-filled career might mean something entirely different to someone else. The experiences you gain from this purpose-filled career will define this career for you. No matter your ups and downs, it will make you feel something. This feeling is more invaluable than the so-called perfection of what a mere dream job offers. Regardless of what a purpose-filled career means, your experiences will help you understand what you were missing from a dream job, so you can now find a career filled with purpose.  

Live for Yourself

Whether it is your loved ones, friends, or colleagues, always do what you wish to do when it comes to your job. Don’t live and do a job because your parents told you to do it. Please don’t do a job because your friend thought you’d be good at it or a colleague recommended it. Other people are doing what they want in life, so why aren’t you? Your purpose for a job will vastly differ from someone else’s. Whatever the goal is of your  career. Keep in mind one thing: THE PURPOSE SHOULD BE FOR YOU.

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