There's No Place Like Home: The Benefits of Remote Work

Written by Hannah Z. Morley

Graphic Design by Turner Harbert

Home is what you make of it.

As the pandemic rages on, Working From Home (WFH) has become the rule. As companies transition back to the office, now is the time to ask, “Hey, is remote work a good idea?” Is it possible that remote work is better for everyone? Should we spend the Employee Revolution fighting to stay in our houses? 

Other than being able to wear sweatpants, there are many benefits to working from home. Studies have shown a plethora of reasons. Working from home has not affected productivity; more than 90% of participants found that their work ethic either improved or remained the same as when working in a physical office.

Our company has always been a virtual company. And in our experience, our teammates are great at holding themselves accountable. But despite our bias, here are a few universal reasons why working from home can be better for everyone. 

Stop The Commute Insanity

There’s no way to be late when employees are working from home. The unpredictability of the road is 100% mitigated with remote work. Employees with a long commute can spend less time on the road and more time sleeping! Having more time to sleep leads to healthier and more active employees. Remote work also gives people the chance to spend more time controlling their work schedules and less time depending on the whims of the road. 

We haven’t even mentioned the benefits working from home has for the environment. Not driving equals less money spent on gas. Less gas equals a lower carbon footprint. You might even find that you don’t need your car, and then all of the extra money spent on car insurance can go towards something else!

You Set Your Schedule

The power of time management compels you! Having complete control over one’s calendar can be scary, but that freedom is also revolutionary. By managing your workload, you gain fantastic work experience. Learning how to handle yourself is the first step in learning how to supervise others. So, getting yourself to focus can be a terrible challenge. Yet, if you succeed, it’ll become easier for you to relate and motivate your fellow employees. This skill makes you more marketable and gives you a higher probability of promotion.

Environmental Control

Offices can be noisy; coworkers can be noisier! It’s hard to focus when fifty million little things are buzzing around you. Yet, this sort of environmental stimulus isn’t an issue if you’re WFH. At home, you’re the only person in your workstation. By cultivating the perfect work ambiance, it’s easier to get lost in your daily tasks. Whether that involves playing classical music, engaging in some light stretching, or even lighting a scented candle is up to you. Said environmental control is also beneficial for disabled individuals. After all, if you’re working from home, your environment is already altered to fit your needs. You’re the only person who knows what works best for you. Working at home puts you in charge of your productibility.

Work From Anywhere

A home is more a concept than a place. But no matter where home is for you, remote work opens the door to thousands of new opportunities. Jobs that you would never be able to apply for in-person are now an option. Being able to work across cities, states, and countries will widen your potential job pool. No more worries about moving near your dream job. Now your dream job can come to you. In this case, there are no limitations to what you can do.

Care For Furry & Human Family Members

When you’re working at an office, you have to account for your dependents. Sometimes leaving your house for 8 hours a day may not be an option for you. But with remote work, these situations are no longer issues. When you are working from home, you can arrange your schedule to suit your family’s needs. Your children, elderly parents, grandparents, floof-balls, and spouses or partners can receive adequate attention while you manage your “office hours” in the other room, making the big bucks. 

Covid-19 reshaped the working world. Now armed with new options, employees have more power than ever before. Living through the Employee Revolution will leave us more robust and capable. To learn more about the ever-evolving career world, check out our blog!

Have a Super Day!