When You Work From Home, You’re Never Alone

Written by Isa Wilson

Graphic Design by Raquel Chavez, Abigail Franks, and MyKel Perdue

Older woman working from home cutting veggies in kitchen wearing mask during pandemic

The time has come — the new year has begun! But what comes next? Grinding your teeth to continue to find ways to work from home? This question might scare you, and who can blame you? 2020 has undoubtedly left its mark on the world, leaving 2021 as something to hope for. However, just because 2020 is over does not guarantee a return to normalcy. See, the problem with New Year’s resolutions lies here: Promising change is different from making a physical effort for it. For instance, I might abstain from pizza but then devour a whole pie the next day. However, until this pandemic is over, we’re going to keep going with what we have and work from home. The stores are closed, but there are online teams with a window of opportunity for you to work from home. 

So my Potential Career isn’t Hopeless after all?

How isolation can invite adaptation

Of course not! Today, there are hundreds of jobs that have moved online so you can work from home. Since the nation shut down last March, the stakes have never been higher in career seeking. Before anyone knew it, social media went from being an app on someone’s phone to a support system for any job. For instance, LinkedIn has been expanding in activity due to businesses offering online jobs to work at home with. Because so many businesses have closed their doors, people who work from home have been increasingly reliant on both LinkedIn’s message and network features. Humans are a social species and because face-to-face interactions have been put on hold, LinkedIn has essentially become a lifeline for those who work from home seeking to expand their network, both professionally and socially.

Beekeepers tending to hive reflect on how LinkedIn connections draw in recruiters.


How Can I Have Rotten Lemons and Still Make Super Lemonade?

How work from home increases your chances

With so many people trying to find any way to work from home, the job-seeking competition is more vicious than ever before  —  even on the World Wide Web. But fear not. As we blink, there are several virtual organizations whose sole purpose is to help people find jobs. Right now, as Super Purposes™ offers a course to get a job in 12 weeks, completing this course along with any other online job application when you work from home might provide a safe and productive space for you to work in. Here are a few examples as to why:

1. People can explore online career sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Super Purposes™ without worrying about rush-hour traffic or a delayed train.

2. Each individual can monitor their health on a frequent and daily basis.

3. A soothing and relaxing environment within the safety of one’s home is always present.

4. People can keep a track of their work within a secure and quiet space that is their own home.

5. People can save the time of the rush hour and getting a sandwich in the street to find and establish new connections on LinkedIn.

So, What’s the Difference Between Then and Now?

Let’s get honest with each other – our lives changed dramatically the moment we realized we had to work from home. But we can either look at this situation in one of two ways: the bad or the good, which might spin some disagreement. Some might say nothing ever good came from 2020. However, if we’re all going to move on from this pandemic and learn from our experiences, we need to look at both the positive and negative stemming from the drastic shift in how we visualize working in any office. 

Learning how to remember the old and apply it to the new way of life

On one hand, the job-seeking competition is more vigorous than before; skyrocketing unemployment rates have resulted in thousands of people scrambling to get those big bucks. On the other, job applications are smoother online than it was in-person. Before you had to work from home, you sat in a humid and sweat-filled room. You were completely surrounded by tenacious competitors and the sound of your own pounding heartbeat. Now while you work from home, you can be by yourself to prepare to give an outstanding interview to your dream team! Although the road to your career is still brutal and challenging, online organizations such as Super Purposes™ are ready to lend a hand to those who need to put themselves back together in one piece, kind of like the Iron Giant! With a 12-week customized online course, we may just be able to get you where you want to be!

Have a Super Day!